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"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn"
My ultimate goal in creating this blog is for every visitor to be inspired.
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"I was inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs-but how do you do rugs for Spring?" -Adam Lippes 

My shots from Adam Lippes’ S/S 15 Presentation. 

So incredibly chic. Impeccable simplicity done to perfection. 

Congratulations on creating another collection that makes me wants every single piece. 

Before Your Very Eyes- Atoms for Peace

Thom Yorke’s voice is so intoxicating 


I do not like the look of  publishing my question answers directly on the blog so I have decided to create an account to answer all of your questions! Most of the questions I have been receiving lately have been by anonymous users and I am open to answering them, but I do not like publishing my answers on the blog. If you want to message me via tumblr please do so off anon, but if you want to ask an anon question please visit my, which can be accessed by clicking the “ask” button on my header. Hope you all have a great weekend :) 



"Pleats Please!"
Issey Miyake 

"Pleats Please!"

Issey Miyake 

Anonymous said: Hey ! I really enjoy your blog, particular the pictures of art pieces you post, they're so enthralling and kaleidoscopic !! xx I recently purchased a mini, light-blue Hermes Kelly as a flicker of colour in my otherwise almost entirely monochrome wardrobe (I'm almost always wearing white) Is there anything else you recommend I invest in to invigorate my wardrobe and make it all a bit more stimulating & intricate? Thanks :)

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your compliments on my art as it is such a personal thing for me. That’s such a great investment- hope you’re loving it!

The top three transitional key pieces that I feel as if every girl should own and invest in for their wardrobe, besides a great bag (which you already got) are: 

1. A great leather jacket/coat 

2. A perfectly tailored blazer

3. A good pair of boots 

As far as “stimulating & intricate items” you could add to invigorate your wardrobe, maybe try a fun piece of outerwear. Outerwear can truly change your look in a second—maybe it’s a blazer in a fun print or new textile or a crazy duster coat. A piece of outerwear can add life and movement to any look. I also feel that jewelry can really change and lighten up any outfit. I have been really into chokers for quite some time now, and I love how they add a sophisticated, but minimal touch to every look. The last item that you can add is a pair of great sneakers. In case you did not know, I am a sneaker FANATIC. I think I wear 9/10 of my outfits with sneakers. Throw on an unexpected pair of leather slip ons with your go to night out LBD or a fun pair of high-tops with your silk trousers. There are endless ways to style your sneakers for that cool, careless street vibe. Hope this helped! 


Pajama Day


On Friday I went for a comfy and chic look with an Iro pajama style ensemble. I bought the top a couple of months back and recently purchased the trousers on sale. Not intending to wear them together, I decided to try them both on and see how they would look and ended up loving the look.

Top: Iro

Trousers: Iro

Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals

Sunglasses: Prada

Necklace: H&M


@filles.en.sneaks !

Incase you did not know I have a crazy love affair with sneakers and have had this obsession for quite some time. My best friend, Yasmine also has this obsession and together we decided to launch a fashion sneaker dedicated instagram! We are starting out by posting all of our own images, but soon we will begin to take submissions! So tag your fabulous sneaker pictures with #ssneakss and your sneaker lusts with #thesneakerfund ! FOLLOW US AND LET THE FILLES.EN.SNEAKS REVOLUTION begin!!! 

Just two chicks who love kicks :)) 

#ssneakss #sneakeraddictsunite 

Anonymous said: Thank you for the most amazing blog ever! You really inspire me in so many ways! I have a question! From where did you buy your Golden Goose sneakers? I've been searching for them since forever! And also, do they fit true to size or should i get a size larger? Xx

Thank you :) So glad you enjoy the blog and it truly makes me happy that I inspire you! I bought my Golden’s last spring on farfetch. They sell them on a lot of other sites too like Barneys and SSENSE. I’d say they fit pretty true to size, but maybe slightly big. My low tops and high tops are 40 rather than my usual 41s. Maybe it’s just the style though. 

:) xx

Anonymous said: What do you think about Man Repeller x Superga?

Cute :)

Love the moss green ones and the mule style ones.